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Dr. Bharti has the credit to introduce for the first time in north India/ Delhi NCR region a number of state-of-the art technologies of the world as a boon for the needy. A veteran contributor to the Ophthalmological fraternity, he has been international investigator for LASIK for Nidek, Japan, Presented over 50 original papers in AIOS, ASCRS, ESCRS, AAO, APAO, Korean SCRS and DOS. He has been presenting live surgeries on webcast worldwide.

Dr. S. Bharti
Director & Chief Consultant
Cornea, Cataract & Refractive Surgery

Having many academic laurels to her credit, Dr. Neha has been an invited speaker at many state, national and international conferences. She has specialized in diabetic retinopathy, vascular occlusions and retinal detachment surgery, ROP

Dr. Neha Bharti
Vitreo-Retina, ROP & UVEA
Dr. Bhupesh Singh

Dr. Bhupesh has specialized in Keratoconus, corneal opacities, non-healing corneal infections. Has extensive experience in cornea transplant, cataract surgeries and LASIK. He has many academic laurels to his credit and presented a numbers of papers in national and international conference.

Dr. Bhupesh Singh
Senior Consultant
Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Dr. Dharitri Samantaray

With a rich experience in Cornea, Cataract and Refractive surgeries Dr. Dharitri has been associated with Bharti Eye Group for the past 17+ years. Doing all eye surgeries, diagnostic investigations, Lasers & refractive surgeries.

Dr. Dharitri Samantaray
Senior Consultant
Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Dr. Bhuvan Chanana

A contributor of 62 publications in national and international journals, Dr. Bhuvan has been awarded Scroll of Honour from UCMS and DMAfor outstanding Meritorious Services of Highest Standard for the cause of medical profession and incomparable contribution to humanity. Has presented a number of papers on international and national forums.

Dr. Bhuvan Chanana
Senior Consultant
Vitreo-retina, ROP and UVEA
Dr. Archana Mahajan

Considered an authority on the subject, she specializes in eye problems in children including management of refractive errors, amblyopia and other pathological conditions. Made a number of presentations in various conferences. Has extensive experience with squint assessment and evaluation and its surgical and on-surgical management. She also has her expertise in Neuro-Ophthalmology.

Dr. Archana Mahajan
Senior Consultant
Paediatric Ophthalmology, Strabismus and Neuro-Ophthalmology
Dr. Sudhir Bhatia

Published papers on diabetic retinopathy and contact lenses in various conferences and workshops in national conferences. Doing all eye diagnostic investigations, Lasers besides specialising in Glaucoma management.

Dr. Sudhir Bhatia
Senior consultant
General Ophthalmologist
Dr. Sourabh Sharma

After finishing his MBBS from Mumbai and MD from AIIMS he did his DNB in Ophthalmology and clinical fellowship from Singapore. More than 24 publications in various reputed magazines. Dr. Sharma is an FRCS. He has bagged many awards for his professionalism.

Dr. Sourabh Sharma
Senior Consultant
Dr. Saurabh Varshney

A graduate from Govt. Medical College, Thanjavur, Dr. Saurabh Varshney did his DNB in Ophthalmology. He has a number of papers to his credit. He is a senior consultant in General Ophthalmology.

Dr. Saurabh Varshney
Senior consultant
General Ophthalmologist

Frequently Asked Questions

An eye doctor, also known as an ophthalmologist, is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and conditions.
Eye Doctor performs many duties, such as:
• Performing eye exams to assess vision and eye health
• Prescribing glasses and contact lenses
• Diagnosing and treating eye diseases and conditions
• Performing eye surgery

Even if you do not have a vision problem, you should consult an eye specialist for regular eye examinations. This is especially important for people over the age of 40, who are at increased risk for some eye problems.
You should see an eye specialist if you have any of the following:
• Blindness
• Trouble seeing at night
• Double vision
• Flashes or floaters in your vision
• Eye pain or redness
• Eye changes, such as difficulty reading or seeing distant objects clearly

You can find a good eye surgeon by consulting your ophthalmologist or by searching online for eye surgeons in your area. When choosing an eye surgeon, be sure to consider his experience, qualifications and reputation.
It is important that you feel comfortable with your eye surgeon and trust his abilities. If you have questions, don't be afraid to get a second opinion. Once you choose an eye surgeon, be sure to ask them any questions you have about surgery and recovery. The more experience you have, the better prepared you will be for surgery and the faster your recovery will be.

Eye care specialties are different areas of eye care that focus on specific conditions or treatments. Some common eyecare specialties include:
• Ophthalmology: The diagnosis and treatment of all eye diseases and conditions. Ophthalmologists can also perform eye surgery.
• Optometry: The diagnosis and treatment of vision problems and eye diseases. Optometrists can also prescribe glasses and contact lenses.
• Pediatric ophthalmology: Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases and disorders in children.
• Oculoplastics: The diagnosis and treatment of plastic surgery around the eyes.
• Retinal surgery: The diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions of the retina.
• Glaucoma surgery: The diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma.
• Cataract surgery: Cataract Diagnosis and Treatment

During Phacoemulsification, the phaco surgeon inserts a small catheter into the eye. The probe emits ultrasound waves to break up lens fog. The surgeon will remove the broken lens and replace it with a clear intraocular lens.
If you have cataracts, you may need to see a phaco surgeon. Cataract is a clouding of the lens of the eye that can cause blindness. Cataracts are a part of aging but can also be caused by other factors, such as eye injuries, diabetes, and certain medications

To choose an eye specialist in Delhi, consider the following:
• Insurance: Does the eye specialist accept your insurance?
• Location: Is it easy for an optician to live?
• Time: Will the eye doctor accept your insurance? Are the professionals' working hours suitable for you?
• Language: Does your eye specialist speak a language you understand?
• Expertise: Does your eye specialist specialize in the type of eye care you need?
• Experience: How many years of experience does the optician have?
• Compliance: Are ophthalmologists board-certified?
• Reputation: What do other patients say about the eye specialist?
Once you find eye specialist in Delhi that interest you, you can make an appointment, meet them face to face and ask any questions you may have. This is a good way to get to know their behavior and bed.
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