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What is oculoplasty?

Oculoplast is surgery to remove defects in the eyelids, orbit, eyebrows, tear ducts and face. This is done to improve the functions, comfort and vision or appearance of eyes. Many people get this surgery done for aesthetic reasons too. The person who performs oculoplasty surgery is called Oculoplasty Surgeon.

Oculoplasty And Aesthetic Surgery

Why is oculoplasty done?

Oculoplast surgery is performed for medical and aesthetic purpose. This surgical procedure is done to correct the problems associated with the eyes such as eyelid malposition, orbit of the eye, tear drainage problems, eye cancer and problem with eyebrows. But as we mentioned earlier that some people get this surgery for aesthetic reasons because everybody in this world wants to look beautiful and attractive. They get this surgery for eyelid reconstruction, lifting forehead and eyebrows, enhancing facial features etc.

The conditions required for oculoplasty

The person who is suffering from the following problems related to eyes needs this surgery:-
1. Drooping eyelids
2. Excessive blinking of eyes
3. Twitching of eyes
4. Tear drainage problems due to blocked tear ducts
5. Eye cancer
6. Bulging eyes

Benefits of oculoplasty
Oculoplasty has multiple benefits as it helps us to get rid of problems associated with eyes and also helps us to look beautiful and attractive. Let’s discuss some of its benefits.
• Improving the vision of eye
• Reducing eye strain
• Enhancing the ability to see more clearly
• It helps with cosmetic concerns such as wrinkles around the eye and dark circle under the eyes.
• It decreases the signs of aging
• Boost up the confidence
• It helps in removing excessive fats in eyelids
• It opens the blockage in tear ducts

Types of oculoplast surgery
1. Eyelid surgery: - In eyelid surgery, the excessive skin in eyelid is removed. This surgery takes about 30 minutes.
2. Tear duct surgery: - This surgery is done to create a new path or open the blockage of tear duct to drain the tears.
3. Botox and dermal fillers: - This is a cosmetic treatment given through the injection. It helps to reduce wrinkles around eyes.
4. Orbital surgery: - This is a kind of plastic surgery performed for the problems occurring around eyes, eyelid and orbit (bones of the eye socket).
5. Lifting the forehead and eyebrows: - This surgery is done for better appearance of face by lifting forehead and eyebrows.
6. Enhance facial features: - Mostly people get this surgery to look smart and attractive as it helps in enhancing facial features. It adds beauty to the face.
7. Pediatric oculoplastic surgery: - This surgery is done to the children who have defects in their eyes by birth.

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