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What is amblyopia (eye lazy)?

Amblyopia, often known as a lazy eye, is a type of vision impairment that affects only 1 eye.

It develops when there is a breakdown in the relationship between the mind and the eyes, and the brain is unable to recognize sight from just one eye. After some time, the stronger eye becomes increasingly more important to the brain, and the weaker eye's vision deteriorates.

What are the symptoms of amblyopia?

  • A wandering or inward/outward-looking eye
  • Eyes that don't seem to operate well together
  • Lack of depth perception

Some eye conditions that can lead to amblyopia are:

  • Refractive errors: These include common vision issues like myopia( experiencing difficulty seeing far down), hyperopia( having trouble seeing far down, and Presbyopia( which can cause foggy vision).
  • strabismic: generally, the eyes move altogether. But in kids with strabismic, the eyes don’t line up. One eye might drift in, out, up, or down.
  • Cataract: This causes darkness in the lens of the eye, making things look foggy. While utmost cataracts do in more established individualities, children and children can likewise foster cataracts.

Treatment for amblyopia or lazy eye

If there's a vision issue causing amblyopia, the doctor might treat that first. For example, doctors might suggest glasses or contacts (for kids who are myopia or farsighted) or surgery (for children with cataracts).

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