What is phacoemulsification?

Phacoemulsification, which is derived from the Greek word for the lens, "phakos," signifies emulsification or liquefaction of the normal lens of the eye. The most recent method of doing cataract surgery uses cutting-edge technology to make the treatment both safe and efficient.

When Kelman initially developed Phacoemulsification in 1967, it completely changed how cataracts were treated and how people with vision impairment were rehabilitated. Over the past several decades, advances in cataract surgery techniques and outcomes have resulted in smaller incisions and foldable lenses being inserted through them more frequently than not.
In reality, this surgical method is used in the majority of cataract procedures today, providing patients with good visual results and safety and efficacy.

What happens during Phacoemulsification surgery?

1. Where the clear cornea, the transparent component of the eye, meets the white area of the eye, known as the sclera, two tiny incisions, each measuring about 2 mm in length, are made.
2. A circular aperture is then made on the lens surface or anterior capsule by inserting a bent needle into the anterior chamber, the area in front of the eye.
3. An ultrasonic-powered phaco probe, which resembles a little pen, is introduced into the eye.
4. The cataract is then fragmented into little fragments by the process of emulsification using sound waves or high-frequency ultrasound waves.
5. Aspiration and irrigation are then used to remove the liquid cataractous lens fragments from the eye.
6. During this procedure, the lens' posterior capsule is still in tact and serves as the framework for the implantation of the artificial intraocular lens, or IOL.
7. The lens capsular bag, which is made up of the posterior capsule and the remains of the anterior capsule where the original circular aperture was formed, is filled with an intraocular lens implant.

What are the advantages?

For the following reasons, phacoemulsification has quickly established itself as the gold standard in cataract surgery:

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